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Want to add a new Google username to existing one?

We may need multiple username’s for a single account, say

  • We may created a login once upon a time, we may need a new fancy one
  • Timely fashioned logins
  • To maintain a public Picsasa Web Album without spams

So Do you want different login for the same Google account ?

Go to Want to add a new Google username? in Picasa Web’s settings page and add as many login you want

Now you can use all these secondary login in Google login pages, but Gmail is only associated with the primary login so can you freely reveal these in public like Picasa Web Albums

Document Sharing using OpenOffice API

Hey, is there anyone have the requirement of sharing documents (word, presentation) ?

You can better go here, here are the simple steps that I’m using

  1. Convert documents to images of any format using OOSDK export functionality
  2. Then show each image as individual slides

This is the very very easy method to do the above task.

Do  you any other method to go? Just share with us.

7 Secrets of success

Simply a cool image that speaks a lot.

Thanks a lot for the creator (Sorry I don’t know him 🙂 )

7 Success image

Please read the disclaimer.

Don’t Hurt The Web

Let’s promote MDC(Mozilla Developer Center!) by these wallpaper.

These wallpapers are available for use under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license. These wallpapers are also covered by the Mozilla Trademark Policy.

Cover Letter Blunders & Pitfalls

Today i read this nice article

As you sit down to write your cover letter, do you ever stop and think,

“Who the heck is going to read this?” You may believe that

just because employers get hundreds of resumes per job posting that

they tend to skip the cover letter part. That is just not true.

Source: Articles and Blogs » Cover Letter Blunders & Pitfalls

Google Search tips

Here’s a small list of tips that may help you use Google search better.

1.If you’re on Google’s homepage, click on “I’m feeling lucky” if you’re

searching for the site of a company or the official site of a product.

“I’m feeling lucky” sends you to the first search result and saves you

one click.

Example: use this for [bmw], [France Telecom], but

not for general terms like [used cars], [mobile phones history] because

for these queries you’ll want to visit more than one page.

2. If you’re not sure how to spell a word, or if you remember only the first

letters of a word, use Google Suggest. You’ll find it in Firefox 2

search box, in Google Toolbar or at its homepage.

3. Google shows direct answers for simple questions

above the search results. When you try to find a simple fact, enter you

query this way: “Italy population”, and not as a complicated question

like “How many people are in Italy?” because you might confuse Google.

If Google doesn’t show an answer, try to imagine a page that answers your

question. How would the answer sound like for a question like: “What is

the fastest animal on land?”. Of course, it may be “[some animal] is

the fastest animal on land”.

Build your query:

* surround it by quotes, to obtain only results that contain that phrase

* instead of the answer, use a star for each word of the expected answer

For example, “* is the fastest animal on land”.

4. The order of your keywords is important, so you’ll get different

results for “search history” and “history search”. Type only the

important keywords, in the logical order.

5. If you search for a file, you have more options:

* add filetype:[extension] for Office documents, text files, PDFs (for example: divine comedy filetype:pdf)

* use inurl: operator if you actually know the name of the file (for example: inurl:divina-comedia.pdf)

* exploit the standard format of Apache directories by adding intitle:”index of” parent directory to your query (for example: bigfix.exe intitle:”index of” parent directory).

6. You won’t find information about a breaking news in Google search, so it’s a good idea to try Google News and Blog Search. If the event is really important, Google will show results from Google News at the top of the page.

7.Very few people use this option, even though it’s really useful. If you

found a good page, and you want to see related pages, click on the

“Similar pages” next to the search result. Google will show 30

high-quality sites on the same topic. It’s a good way to discover

interesting sites.

8. If you found a site using Google search, but you don’t remember too much about it, try Google Search History. You can browse all your search queries and the pages visited from Google, bookmark interesting sites and more.

9. When you want to explore a domain you aren’t familiar with, a Wikipedia

page is a good place to start. Add “wiki” or “wikipedia” to your Google

search query to find the top results from Wikipedia. You can restrict

your search to a site, by adding site:domainname to a query (for

Wikipedia, you should add

10. Google doesn’t give you a feed for search results, but Web Alerts sends you email updates with the latest relevant Google results for a query.

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Source : Google Search tips

8 ways to get noticed at work

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All of us know businesses thrive on strong relationships, so we do all we can, to impress our clients and external stakeholders.

Most people, however!!! Pay little or no attention to their relationships with peers, bosses and co-workers, though this might seem an obvious thing to do. Here’s how you can become the ‘Go to’ person and get noticed at work.

Walk around for 15 minutes everyday
Offices are like mini-families. Most of us spend up to 11 hours a day in close proximity, sharing the same office space, facilities, break rooms, refrigerators, coffee pots, etc, with our work colleagues. Everyone shares responsibility for making the company work, run smoothly and stay profitable. Keep aside about 15 minutes a day to take a round, greet all the people you know with a smile and exchange pleasantries.

A smile and a warm handshake can wear off the stress most of us go through. Besides, making this effort adds to your desirability factor at work. And, even though it is considered a cliche, do remember smiling is contagious.

Give your colleagues importance
Tell a senior management executive how much you appreciate a certain colleague or subordinate. Do this in that person’s presence and you would have won his/ her trust as well; besides, it will make your senior colleague respect you.

Be as specific as you can; for example: “Ram, I want you to know what a great job Vishal did at the presentation yesterday. We are all lucky to have him in the team.” Do remember not to sound patronising when you do this.

If a veteran employee is retiring, organise a goodbye party; if someone is being promoted, set up a happy hour with your co-workers. Take initiative and others will take an instant liking to you.

See/ hear your name
Have you thought of contributing to your organisation’s newsletter or Website or the journal that gets distributed within the organisation? Since top executives frequently read company publications, It’s a great way to blow your own trumpet.

Join a committee or task force
Join a company-wide committee. Interacting with the same colleagues everyday won’t increase your exposure; however, working on a committee with new people gives you an opportunity to make new contacts. It also gives you the opportunity to show your talent and skills to people who matter within the organisation.

Take up a leadership position within a task force and volunteer to lead a project.

Mediate a conflict
Workplace conflicts are most common. If you are trying to resolve a workplace conflict, do not get judgmental and take sides; rather, just serve as a facilitator and establish the ground rules for professional conduct at work. Keep resolution of the conflict in mind at all times and do not get involved or become emotional.

Offer a helping hand
Fill it up. If you’ve used the last piece of paper in a shared copier or printer, fill it up again even if it means going to the supply room to get another ream. After you’ve poured the coffee into your cup, take a minute to make another one for the next person in the queue.

Offer to mentor that new recruit at work or share a trade secret — something that will help a colleague look good before his/ her boss. Often, these small gestures help you build relationships and also spread a good word around about you at the workplace.

Remember — ‘what goes around comes around’. The people you help will advocate for you when it matters the most.

Your best performance
There is nothing that will give you more exposure than getting the employee of the month or quarter award at the Rewards & Recognition event. Since these awards are often given by the top management, it gives you an opportunity to put your name before them. Remember, you won’t get ahead with mediocre performance, regardless of how many other steps you implement.

Stay updated
Read industry publications, reports and magazines, and be aware of market trends. Your knowledge will reflect when you communicate with colleagues and they would look up to you for advice and information. They will also talk positively about you with other members of the team. There is nothing better than third party publicity, as it establishes you as a thought leader within your organisation.